Real Ale, Great Wines, Great Atmosphere

Laurel and Hardy Hats at the Stan Laurel Inn

We are well know for our fabulous real ales, but we also offer a range of other thirst quenching beverages

The Stan Laurel Inn is a "free house" (no, that doesn't mean the drinks are on us!), and you'll find a huge range of great beverages to quench your thirst. We are well recognised for our excellent real ales, and you'll find some delicious ales on our 6 hand pulls. Most of our ales are from the local area, although we do occasionally have some from further afield for a bit of variety. See below for what's in our Cellar

In addition to good beer, we have a variety of delicious wines available, from Europe, South Africa, and elsewhere.

We are delighted to be listed in the Good Beer Guide, and have been since 2009. Thanks has to go to our customers for their continued support.

Malt Whiskey - Stan Laurel Inn

What's in Stan's Cellar

Ulverston's - Flying Elephant - 3.7%

Ulverston's - Laughing Gravy - 4.0%

Ulverston's - Celebration Ale - 3.9%

Barngates's - Brathay Gold - 4.0%

Marston's - Stan's Ale - 3.9%