Real Ale Coming Soon

Check out our great selection of ales below

This is the bit where we will try to keep you, the punter informed of the mouth watering real ale that we have settling in the cellar for your delight and delectation. So without further ado, here goes :-


Ulverston's Home Toiwn & Flying Elephant

Jennings' Cumberland Ale 

Edens' Pale Ale & Cumbrian Cracker

Magpie's Best 

Kirkby Pennine Ambler

Marstons  61 Deep & Pedigree

Thwaites Wainwright & Wainwrights Fusion

Charles Wells' Bombardier

Wychwood Crystal Rye

Kelburn's Pivo Estivo, Goldihops, Red Smiddy & Jaguar

Beer Monkeys Bitter Revival & Blonde Rogue

Courage Directors

Ringwoods Boondoggle