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Pre Mallorca jitters anyone?.........No!.......Just me then

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Pre Mallorca jitters anyone….No, just me then

Wow, what happened to the last 5 weeks, they have absolutely flown by, and hasn’t the weather been behaving itself. It does make it so much easier to get out the door and run/bike/swim when the sun is shining. I have tried to cram in as much training as possible over the last few weeks without over doing it. Hopefully I have just about got the balance right.

I have to say that there is not much to report for once, no accidents, no fighting against the elements or arguing with cars.

The swimming has sort of taken a back seat, I have been getting in the lake once a week and leaving it at that as I don’t want to aggravate my neck and shoulders too much. They are still not playing ball but are steadily improving as each week passes. I have been having some MFR treatment to try and sort them out which has made a great difference. I have resigned myself to the fact that the swim is a long way and it will take as long as it takes. From the training I know that I am not as quick as last year but am not far away. Hopefully on the day I can put in a respectable time to get me on my way.

Bike wise, I feel stronger on the bike than last year, I think this is just down to more experience and also some structured training sessions with the Ulverston Tri Club. That man Paul McKenny delivers a good bike session that makes you work. Hill reps and time trial-y things that make you puff and groan but actually help you a lot. Whether I will be better on the day will depend on many things not least, the profile of the course! Some nice race organiser has put a 2300ft climb in at 80 miles, ouch, that’s going to hurt.

Run wise, I think this is where I am going to suffer. Because of the accident I have missed out on a lot of running and especially the endurance stuff. I would say that I am a couple of marathons short of where I would want to be ideally but at least I have got myself in a position to be able to start. I have had a couple of good brick sessions (long bike ride straight on to a run) doing over 100 miles followed by a good 8+ mile run, so at least I can take positives out of those training sessions.

Today was my last long session, a mere 60miles on the bike followed by an 8 mile run. I was pleased with how it went though I must remember to drink more fluids, especially on the bike in the midday heat of Mallorca.

I am tapering off for the next week now and starting to get piles of kit sorted out in a corner of the bedroom. We fly out early Monday and I am already starting to get the nervous tingles of apprehension. Today I printed of the race briefing, all 57 pages of it; thankfully it is in 3 languages so I only have 19 pages to read. I have also read the race booklet and found out my race number.

Number 1926 for those of you who may want to track me.

So, just over 3 months ago I was lying on my back in hospital, unable to move my neck,very limited shoulder movement and fearing the worst, next week I will be on the cusp of taking part in my second Ironman.

The human body is a remarkable piece of kit.

See you all on the other side.

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