Who are we?

Trudi & Paul Dewar, Landlords, The Stan Laurel Inn

So you can put a face to names, here we are...Trudi and myself, Paul. Just in case any of you are not sure, I'm the ugly bugger on the right!

Trudi and I took over The Stan Laurel Inn on the 1st April 2007 and set about rebuilding the reputation of the pub. We shut the doors for a couple of weeks while we re-decorated all the rooms downstairs and re-built the bar more or less from scratch. We fitted new lamps throughout and and added some personal touches (well Trudi did)

We then set about cleaning the kitchen and refitting it so that we could provide food and breakfast for the letting rooms which we also had to re-decorate and furnish. None of this could of been achieved without the hard work and support of our families and friends. In April 2008 we (when I say we I use the term loosely, father in law did most of the work over a 3 month period while I provided refreshments-Thank You) finished re-furbing the kitchen, new floor and wall tiles and all new equipment before expanding the menu to its current form and introducing the special board. Finally we eventually added a small wine list to the mix offering a dozen wines from around the world for customers to choose from as well as our house wine.

Trudi and I have been together for a number of years and were married in June 2003. We spent several years running a large family/community pub in Kendal before deciding to go it alone, as it were. Previous to that I have spent all my working life in and around the hospitality industry while Trudi comes from a customer service background

Hoad Monument, Ulverstion - Winter Scene